Requiem For Your Yellow Pages Ad

If you haven’t seen the numbers regarding the physical Yellow Pages, prepared to be amazed.

Yellow Pages Are Dying Google Trends Chart

See that red line? Not looking good right? Here’s another chart.

Yellow pages vs Yelp vs Google Maps

If you’re spending your marketing dollars on Yellow pages ads, you better be 100% sure you’re getting a positive ROI because the charts don’t lie (nor does general public sentiment). While not scientific, if even my 70 year old Mom says she doesn’t use the Yellow Pages to look up businesses, you should at least reexamine your YP ad spend . . . right?

One of the first things we do when working with local businesses is review the marketing budget and where the dollars are being spent. You can easily cut down to a smaller Yellow Pages ad (or even quit YP advertising) and save a nice sum. Invest those dollars into a website redesign, SEO, and Adwords marketing. You’ll get a much better return on investment.