5 Signs You Need To Update Your Website

I talk with business owners and I’m often asked “should I redesign my website?” It’s a great question and here are my top five signs that you are in desperate need for a website update.

1. You have outdated information
Go take a look through your website and see if you can find any outdated information. Surprised? Most sites older than 6 months have some outdated information (staff changes, special offers expired, broken links, old pictures, etc.). If your copyright notice is 2009 or older, you’re in desperate need for an update.

2. Your site is not running on a CMS platform
Most sites will benefit from a transition to a modern, SEO-friendly, plug-in friendly content management system (CMS) like WordPress. You’ll instantly benefit from a thriving 3rd party ecosystem, thousands of website developers/platorm experts, and high-level administration tools. Another benefit is you can easily update pages or blog posts with a rich user-interface. Website maintenance is easily performed by yourself or in-house staff.

3. You are missing social media integrations
Does your site intergrate with Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms? If not, you’re missing out on quality traffic streams and important social signals. You’re also missing out on communicating with your fan base and building your brand. Social media participation and integration is no longer a “nice to have”.

4. Your bounce rates are high
When was the last time you audited your traffic analytics? Compare your bounce rates from last year to this year. How are you doing? How is the “average time on page” or “average page views per visit?” What about your site visitor goals? If you’re doing the same or worse, it’s time to focus on the non-performing pages and rewrite/redesign them for better conversions.

5. Your site looks unprofessional
It’s understandable that when you started your business, you were bootstrapping and making due with whatever would fit your budget or with volunteer help from friends/family. With the advent of sophisticated platforms like WordPress, there’s no reason to have website that looks anything less than professionally designed. There are 1000’s of professionally designed templates you can use that out of the box put you light-years ahead of what you’re currently using. This is your business. First impressions count and you want to wow your customers, not scare them away.

Still undecided? There’s one more thing to consider. If you are at all concerned with ranking well in Google, having fresh, regularly-updated content is a must-have. Nobody wants to eat stale bread. It’s that simple. Fresh, relevant, and accurate content is the SEO mantra.

Are you ready to update your website? If you need help, give us a call. We are experts at website redesign or website migrations to the WordPress platform.